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Teaching Change and Continuity in History Teachers’ Resource Pack

Teaching Change and Continuity in History; Religion in Medieval Malta is a new History Teachers’ Association publication.  This is a teaching pack for history teachers who teach secondary school students.  ‘Change and Continuity’ can be particularly difficult history concepts to teach secondary school students and this pack offers a number of teaching resources which help support students’ understanding.  The pack includes a lesson plan, whiteboard displays including a large Maltese Medieval timeline, posters, handouts with primary and secondary sources, student handouts and worksheets.  The history topic of  ‘Religion in Medieval Malta’ is an ideal vehicle to teach ‘Change and Continuity’ for it is a contested historic theme which can provoke much debate amongst academics.  The teaching approach in this pack invites students to draw their own interpretation based on the evidence.

This Teachers’ Resource Pack was created by Dr. Yosanne Vella, who is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta.  She teaches History Pedagogy to B.Ed and P.G.C.E. students.

Packs cost 12 euro each and may be bought from the History Teachers’ Association. For more information contact    Dr Yosanne Vella on her email address yosanne.vella@um.edu.mt

Front cover for the Teaching Change and Continuity in History pack for secondary school teachers



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