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History teaching and research: bridging the theory/practice divide. Vol. 1

History teaching and research: bridging the theory/practice divide, Vol. 1  is a collection of the papers presented in the first five Michael A. Sant Memorial Lectures (2002-2006). The papers, written by History pedagogists, Maltese and foreigners, span a wide range of topics on modern history teaching.  The authors include Dr. G. Cassar and Dr. Y. Vella, President and Vice-President of the HTA (Malta) respectively, who wrote about the evolution of History pedagogy in Malta.  In the second paper, Dr. Penelope Harnett from Britain wrote on curriculum planning and developing children’s understanding in history. Ms Joke van der Leeuw-Roord, Dutch, the founder of EUROCLIO, the European Standing Conference of History Teachers’ Associations, described the state of education in Europe and all the changes and research projects EUROCLIO is involved in.  In the fourth paper, Prof. Alexander Schevyrev from Russia delved on his country’s History education in the past decade and showed how History teaching is very much influenced by the state’s concern about national identity, a concern familiar across the globe. The last paper, presented by Prof Oscar E. Lansen from the USA, tackles the teaching of controversial or controversialised History.

This collection of papers is a must for History educators, students of History, and all those interested in History education and education in general.  All those interested in obtaining a copy can contact Dr. G. Cassar (george.cassar@um.edu.mt).Front cover of the book History teaching and research: bridging the theory/practice divide



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