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New HTA publication October 13, 2010

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The HTA is proud to announce another publication. This time it is a resource pack for secondary school teachers to teach change and continuity in History. For more information visit the Publications section.

Front cover for the Teaching Change and Continuity in History pack for secondary school teachers


9th memorial MA Sant lecture October 13, 2010

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Developing Historical Understanding: interpretation and multiperspectivity revisited

On the 6th of October 2010 the History Teachers’ Association, together with the Faculty of Education within the University of Malta, organised the ninth consecutive M.A. Sant Memorial Lecture. This year the British academic           Dr Robert Stradling examined the importance of providing different historical perspectives in the classroom. He emphasised the point that in understanding multiple perspectives it is critically important that students can access contextual information. We cannot understand why different historians writing at different times might interpret the same events differently unless we understand the contextual factors that may have influenced their interpretations.

Analysing multiple perspectives later becomes helpful to students in their everyday life. In an era where children are bombarded with different opinions and news, especially in our islands where the main political parties present diverging opinions through their various media, it is important for students to develop the skill of analysis and understanding of multiple perspectives.

Dr Robert Stradling is a Senior Research Fellow in the University of Edinburgh, Institute for Education, Teaching and Leadership. Stradling has lectured and carried out research in various universities around the UK such as at the University of London and the University of Edinburgh. In his career he has worked for the English and Scottish governments in evaluating various areas in the curriculum. During these last years he has published different works for the Council of Europe about the pedagogy of history.